Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tales of the Open road by Ruskin Bond; really...if i read Ruskin Bond I stop missing the hills; the simplicity of his writing and his belongingness to the place is what makes him so special to me. He brings the scents, the visuals, the shivers, down here to an aredent fan sitting in a bus in Bangalore, going back to home after a day at office, refreshed now.

One day I too would like to roam around like a nomad in the winding and less ventured paths of the Queen of Hills. Taking a sneek peek into the secret world of the mountains. The only
question is.....will my parents allow me to do so???

Monday, April 02, 2007

"My name is Anthony Gonsalves....Gonsalves...right right".......wat a song, I feel so good. One of those films that I have watched innumerable times. It brings back to me, the innocence with which I saw the movie.

"Abhi abhi issi jagah pe, ek ladki dekhi hai......", an enjoyable song. How thoughts change; Ignorance then made me enjoy the song to the utmost, Awareness now makes me think (it's a disease at times).

I have always wanted to preserve the the childish innocence within me and that is the reason I am, what I am. I don't want to seem to be grown up. I don't propose a girl because I have not accepted the fact that I can do such a thing, that I have reached that age; I want to look upon things with the same innocence and purity.

Awareness ruined my innocence and that is the reason I shy away from doing many things. I have grown up in many areas though. I can plan, take responsibilities, gradually my opinion is seeked in household affairs; even Dad listens to me now :-)

But in there, there is a sense of loss that I have come of age. First,I used to think so and so is working there. I would form images in my mind as to how that person would be leading his life. I am leading the same life now.I donno what I am writing.

I just miss the purity and innocence. Everybody might tell me that I am still a good person after all (can't stop bragging) but that is not what I talk about, I talk about what goes on in my head. Seriously, "Ignorance is BLISS"