Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ah! The sight of the marvellous temple,
The walls with carvings delicately simple.
How fantastic is the peace it exudes,
Perhaps, a choice it is made to chose.
Careful, take those slippers off before you enter,
After all, the words of the great pandits are no useless banter.
Humbly we fall at his feet,
taking due care that our shins & knees remain neat.
And bestow faith love do we,
A return to all is what we see,
The idol worshipped and bathed in milk,
Intricately then again dressed in silk.
Sweets garlands, festivities,
Donations, sympathies, charities,
The worshipped idol but stays idle & mum,
Everyone meets him but he meets none.
Laddoos-ghee we offer him to eat.
While some of his sons
are dying from the thirst..of a single seed,
The idol sheds an invisible tear,
Ever wondered why he doesn't eat something so near,
The beauty, the peace the grandeur..all falls to a scruple,
One day, someday even i would visit a temple.