Thursday, May 31, 2007

"Hmmm...she does have an aptitude for painting..look at this, really good". "What a dancer, simply marvelous"

We are all gifted by God, painters, singers, sports palyers, photographer.......what is the end that can be achieved out of these 'gifts' is what I used to ask myself.

If I am a good singer, should i be trying my luck in bollywood? Someone with a good sense of humour and ability to talk well might try for an RJ/VJ. why don't we go ahead and make careers out of things we like to do most? What have we done with the 'gifts' we are blessed with?

After enough soul searching and dabbling my hands here and there I understood (what most people reading would be knowing way back) that, whatever our gifts might be, they are meant to be just that.So rightly they are called hobbies.

Take this; "She dances well.." so what? She'll go study in a good school, probably get into a college and then her parents would soon be looking for a suitable groom for her. But what happens in the life meanwhile is what is meaningful...she might be recognized in the college for being a good dancer and a series of fortunate incidents might follow. It's probably the adulation and recognition that one receives in the circle of one's world.

The gets...and of course we like doing it, don't we...

It's never that talent goes all the way in making what we really want to become. It's a lot of sweat and discipline that really takes us there. Seldom are we ready to sweat it out. Nowadays, though, we have TV channels selling dreams.....Indian Idol, Boogie Woogie and all. By participating in these shows one does come to know one's worth. Overestimating or underestimating oneself, both are very dangerous..

And then these are the things that make life worth living. Those stage performances, those claps, those competitions, people we meet along the way....

But even after all this reasoning, there is a sudden sadness engulfs me when I listen to these lines of the song Guru..."Aadhe adhoore khwab jo poore na ho sake, ek baar phir se neend mein wo khwab bone do....."