Sunday, November 24, 2013

Underdogs no more

Today’s match; I honestly wanted our Indian brothers from the West to win this one. They have been beaten, smothered, use any superlatives. But today, they showed some character...though they managed to almost lose it. It sounds so familiar to an Indian team supporter who grew up in the ‘90s.

I remember India touring Australia in the late ‘90s, where we lost all the tests and won just two one-day games in a triangular series also featuring Pakistan. It was devastating as we had hope all along. The friendship series in South Africa, early ‘90s, we again won just two one day games out of a series of 7 games. The WC of 1992, we won two games, one was a rain affected one against minnows Zimbabwe and other the historic one against Pakistan.

We were underdogs. I felt like an underdog for good 80% of my life because of that. As a community we would have always wanted the underdog to win. Because, in a way it was us! Can this one time Roddick beat Federer? Can we have the agile Senegal go through to the final game of the soccer word cup? The list may go on for other sports enthusiasts…

It was in these times that a God emerged. A God because, he gave us hope; that we could win…be it the aamir sohail dismissal in ’92 or the clean bowled of Brian Lara in the hero cup finals, against the then mighty windies…then we were underdogs.

Today, we are number 1 in ODIs and number 2 in tests. We have got into the habit of winning from anywhere. We don’t give up. We are underdogs no more.

Today, I supported India again. It was India of my childhood, where a glimmer of hope like a Robin Singh could help win a historic match. Sammy, I supported you. I supported the West Indies.

Friday, April 05, 2013

A 100red

It's not just, by chance. There is something about this number that keeps us intrigued..
" Give it your 100%"…………"100 runs"………. "100 crore"

Now what intrigued me weren't these figures. These numbers were what you call, confirmatory tests. On my way back from  office I was listening to an old Hindi song .
"paani re paani tera rang kaisa,
Sau saal jeene ki ummeedon jaisa"

The pause is to appreciate the poet.

Now if you look back at the observation, it is so obvious. Hundred is unlike any other number. It still surpasses most numbers for our definitions of superlatives. Gen Y has come up with 110% and other lingos. But 100%, it still has a special place in our psyche, defined so well by the song.

In Olympics the fastest man is on earth is decided by the 100m sprint. Our unit of time for earth's age is a century-100years. In cricket the 3 figure mark is overtly celebrated. There are adjectives, double, triple--century.

If we look around there might be more instances to prove this observation. It might as well turn out that 100 is as integral to our life as π itself.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hunter Patch Adams: Now you have the ability to keep me from graduating. You can keep me from getting the title and the white coat. But you can't control my spirit, gentlemen. You can't keep me from learning, you can't keep me from studying. So you have a choice: you can have me as a professional colleague, passionate, or you can have me as an outspoken outsider, still adament. Either way I'll probably still be viewed as a thorn. But I promise you one thing: I am a thorn that will not go away
Charlie: Is that all?
Hunter Patch Adams: I hope not, sir. 

Saturday, July 02, 2011

...And words are all I have

If you don't understand some words in a line, you don't get the meaning of the sentence.

If you do not concentrate on the words spoken, you miss the point

There are professionals drafting speeches, carefully chosing words,

And then there are the ones trying to chose words that could best describe 'I love you'

Words, having a spirit of their own, change meanings and color,

Still....words are so futile

Still....words are so few times, words are best not spoken

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I looked into my eeyes...

I looked into my eeyes, there was no pain,

I looked into my eeyes and searched for honesty,

I looked around into the world and got content.

I looked for tears, but just a slight glint shone.

I looked into my eeyes for sleep and I saw dreams.

I looked for passion and a spark hit my brow,

I looked into my eeyes for love and my eeyes lowered of shame.

I looked for a scream or shout but found explanation,

I looked into my eeyes fear of these all and it stared at me without a blink

I looked & looked for excitement and fun,

Then, tired of looking into my eeyes, I looked, once more,

Tried to find, identify...myself

There was left some....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ah! The sight of the marvellous temple,
The walls with carvings delicately simple.
How fantastic is the peace it exudes,
Perhaps, a choice it is made to chose.
Careful, take those slippers off before you enter,
After all, the words of the great pandits are no useless banter.
Humbly we fall at his feet,
taking due care that our shins & knees remain neat.
And bestow faith love do we,
A return to all is what we see,
The idol worshipped and bathed in milk,
Intricately then again dressed in silk.
Sweets garlands, festivities,
Donations, sympathies, charities,
The worshipped idol but stays idle & mum,
Everyone meets him but he meets none.
Laddoos-ghee we offer him to eat.
While some of his sons
are dying from the thirst..of a single seed,
The idol sheds an invisible tear,
Ever wondered why he doesn't eat something so near,
The beauty, the peace the grandeur..all falls to a scruple,
One day, someday even i would visit a temple.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Freedom being my favorite subject….. it seems to me that I am losing my own sense and sense of freedom. I don’t want to impose myself on anybody, though I do it many a times. But making myself adaptable, stopping myself from doing things or doing things because they are right is pushing me into a corner.

I am seceding into my own cocoon….. of thoughts, of inactions….where I don’t impose myself on anyone…but in turn I am killing my own freedom of not speaking out whatever I want to…now, that’s discipline and that’s what earns you a reputation. And reputation is again like chains; rules which you have set for yourself, which you chose to live by….a self made prison cell…

I am not too sure what I am writing which has been the case with me always…but it seems that change is required, a reputation is built by you, whether u chose to have it or not…
I like to think I am different and have a weird mind…but when I realize that I am no different from others, it hurts. One of my college mates used to say…."U tell him that he is normal, and he will lose it"….how true…if somebody makes u realize that u r also just part of the crowd when you think you are a class apart.

Today I came up with a theory which must’ve been mentioned elsewhere….my theory of “cling on”….

We cling on to our beliefs till our very last breath and till no argument suffices our stubbornness. Otherwise the very strong argument of you being like that only defeats all others.

I cling on to the belief that I am still a kid. I do different kind of acts to let the child within me live…even if I don’t enjoy it anymore; feeding a dead child. I am not letting it go and take the mantle of responsibility. Postponing matters won’t help. Although that doesn’t mean sitting with a long face all day long, but still it requires you to change your attitude which requires some conscious effort. Effort coz I have shunned it all these years and so the gradual process can no longer continue at its own pace. This “requirement”…this leads to freedom being lost…what a fool I am…contradicting my own self…..first feeding a dead child and now freedom lost.

Then there are others who behave as if they are ready for parent hood. Perhaps they are; strong, know the ways and walks of life and talk as if they have seen how the world behaves. And now that their beliefs have been set no one can dislodge them. Then, people like me have to emulate their “maturity”. They cling on to their mature state and wouldn’t shake hands with a Santa Claus on Christmas as it is too childish…….cling on, cling on to what you think is right…..

I wonder how many self doubting fools are there in the world…..and then are they the fools who don’t doubt themselves.

I set out to write something else and have written something altogether different.

Let my messes be released on a sheet of paper rather than in irrelevant talks.