Thursday, October 08, 2009

I looked into my eeyes...

I looked into my eeyes, there was no pain,

I looked into my eeyes and searched for honesty,

I looked around into the world and got content.

I looked for tears, but just a slight glint shone.

I looked into my eeyes for sleep and I saw dreams.

I looked for passion and a spark hit my brow,

I looked into my eeyes for love and my eeyes lowered of shame.

I looked for a scream or shout but found explanation,

I looked into my eeyes fear of these all and it stared at me without a blink

I looked & looked for excitement and fun,

Then, tired of looking into my eeyes, I looked, once more,

Tried to find, identify...myself

There was left some....


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