Sunday, November 18, 2007


Everything in science seems to revolve around such words. Living/Non – Living………a concept which has enticed me since childhood….living things grow, non livings don’t and a host of other differentiating factors. We are alone in this universe, we haven’t found any “living” organism till date outside earth…

Now, what is living? We base living only to the extent of our definition or what we understand of living……do we have any idea of life which could survive without breathing…mmm….life which will not suit our definition of life but still be….. Living. We all know about a virus being an exception but let’s not get there, everybody knows about it ;)

We have our own space-time in which we define life….though in our Hindu mythology one life term just goes in a blink of an eye……hence I say, that our definition of life surely has an undercurrent or you may call it, a condition, of time involved……nobody agrees….good.

Take our Planet Earth as an example. It is the only living planet; and why? Simple, because “Living“ creatures inhabit the planet. Now, Picture this… Earth a living entity by itself…….imagine none of the living creatures inhabiting it……is it still “Living”.........??

My answer is in two parts: Layer one of my understanding says yes….. the sea is in motion, volcanoes are erupting, the ocean currents are the same… may argue that it is because of the rotation of the Earth that the sea is in motion….BANG ON……exactly… comes cause-effect…..we have found a cause for an act…... so what….imagine rotation as being the food for earth….will a child, or any organism grow without food….similarly Earth’s rotation is its food…

And the second part of understanding brings me to the space-time domain. We had an ice age; initially they say there was only one solid mass of land called pangea and then it broke up into segments we now call continents; cause being the movement of tectonic plates…..why the hell do these tectonic plates need to move…why are the Himalayas young fold and growing…… If I think myself as an observer from heaven I would see the earth as an independent living entity…

We all know about the supernova…stars becoming black holes……eventually the whole solar system collapsing…….that is Death of the planet….just if you see, it is living but we can’t observe it in our space-time definition of the living. We explain everything and pose that we have understood it all…


  • Perhaps the Sufi philosophy of Sufi'ism with its fatalastic overtones tells us that it is now ours to reason why - and like in the poem about the charge of the light brigade - we must rest content with "Ours but to do or die" and leave the interplay between the unknown entities like space and consciousness and spirituality to time to decide. Like you have observed in your post - our lives are just a spark in the vast canvass of the universe and an equally insignificant flicker in the continuum of time and space - so we perhaps can seek solace and direction in Khayyams immortal verse -
    The moving finger writes and having writ - moves on
    Not all thy piety nor all thy wit Can lure it back to cancel half a line
    Nor all thy tears wash out a word of it!
    And so shall time roll on and we men and women being merely players - should perhaps live life to the fullest and leave the innuendoes of philosophical thought for the later stages of life viz "Sanyas Ashram" and say :-
    What the hell .. lets party tonight .. Kal ki kisne dekhi ha ha
    Great to find that our little Siddharth is inclined to follow in the footsteps of his illustrious namesake - Siddharth!

    By Blogger Deepak Menon, at 4:34 PM  

  • To add to whatever is said; they say that you have no questions to ask once you are in front of GOD...that all your curiosities about Life and MAYA are satisfied...I think...that when, even the greatest of the sages could not answer the questions like meaning of life, they resorted to explanations like these..that all your curiosities are satiated...thanks a ton for your fantastic comments.. :)

    By Blogger siddharth, at 8:30 AM  

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